The Benefits of Water Aerobics-

Benefits of Water Aerobics

When summer gets too hot (Especially in August!), it’s good to break free from your typical outdoor exercises in your workout to avoid overheating. If you’re looking for a break from the heat and don’t want to ruin your routine, swimming laps or doing aquatic exercises are great alternatives. 

Both swimming and aquatic exercises (water aerobics) provide a great workout. Swimming laps build up endurance, speed, and strength, but if you’re unfamiliar with proper swimming techniques, or don’t have a lot of endurance, it’s better to start with water aerobics.

The Benefits of Water Aerobics

Aquatic exercise routines keep you cool in the summer and provide full-body aerobic workouts with anaerobic benefits. Some health benefits include burning calories, strengthening the muscles, improving cardiovascular health, and more balanced mental health. Plus, you get bonuses that you can’t get from a dryland exercise routine; these include:

  • Buoyancy: Water decreases the gravity placed on limbs. The decrease in gravity makes movement easier by lessening the stress on joints, muscles, and bones.
  • Water Pressure: Water surrounds the body and helps blood circulation in the joints. This can reduce swelling, and as swelling decreases, the range of motion can increase.
  • ResistanceWater provides a full-body workout to strengthen every working muscle. Muscle toning, weight reduction, and sensory awareness can improve with aquatic exercises.

Starting a Water Aerobics Workout

No matter how beneficial aquatic exercises are for the body, stay within the bounds of your swimming abilities. Most water aerobic exercises can be performed in waist-deep water. There is no reason to put yourself at risk in the pool. Simple exercises to help get you started include:

  • Jumping Jacks
  • Running/Walking
  • Squat Jumps
  • Side Shuffling
  • Scissor Kicks

Water aerobics is a great way to boost the overall health of your body. So take advantage of your local pools while you still can. If you are on a workout plan provided by a medical professional or have been put on medical restrictions, contact your provider today to determine if you could benefit from a water aerobic routine.

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