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This time in PT News we recap what our clinics have been posting throughout March 2023. We are excited to bring you current physical therapy-based posts featuring published articles from PTandMe partnering clinics!

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Physical Therapy

1. What to Expect in Physical Therapy

Written by Hamilton Physical Therapy with locations throughout Mercer County, NJ

Physical therapy is a form of rehabilitation that helps individuals recover from injuries, illnesses, or chronic conditions through targeted exercises and other techniques. The specific goals and treatments involved in physical therapy may vary depending on the individual’s condition and the therapist’s approach, but here are some common things to expect…  Read more


baseball pitching injuries Tommy Johns

2. Baseball-Related Arm Injuries: A Possible Solutions

Written by Mishock Physical Therapy & Associates an outpatient physical therapy practice in Montgomery, Berks, & Chester Counties, PA.

The fastest growing segment of elbow surgeries (Tommy John) is in 15-19 year-olds at 57%, followed by 20 to 24-year-olds at 22% (American Journal of Sports Medicine, 2016). One study showed a 193% increase in the volume of elbow surgery from 2002 to 2011. (American Journal of Sports Medicine, 2017). Many adult throwing injuries seen in the MLB today are attributed to overuse and injuries suffered as a youth player.  Read more


Common Basketball injuries physical therapy can treat

3. Common Basketball Injuries

Written by Memphis Physical Therapy, an outpatient physical therapy clinic throughout Greater Memphis, TN.

Injuries can happen to college and professional players as well as recreational athletes. Physical therapists are adept at working with patients suffering from common basketball injuries and can help in a variety of different ways.  Read more

We hope you enjoyed our picks for the PT News March 2023 edition.

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