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Rebound has established itself as the undisputed expert in occupational injury rehabilitation services in Central Oregon. We have over 35 clinicians at ten locations throughout central Oregon, convenient to where you work and live. We have a comprehensive offering of occupational injury prevention and rehabilitation services to help businesses and injured workers alike. Our goal is to help decrease incidence of occupational injuries and help injured workers recover quickly.

Rebound is the only provider to have a separate, stand alone facility dedicated to work injury rehabilitation and testing. Our facility is staffed and equipped for full physical capacity/ work capacity testing and the ability to create and simulate real job duties in preparation for work return.

Work Injury Rehab Bend Program Services

Work Injury Rehabilitation Bend North Rebound Physical Therapy

Acute Work Injury Rehabilitation Bend

With 10 convenient locations in Central Oregon and over 35 clinicians in various specialties, Rebound is prepared to handle an injured worker’s rehabilitation very effectively in the acute phase of injury or post-operatively. Our providers include Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Hand Therapists, and Acupuncturists who are trained to expertly handle acute work injuries in order and get them on their way to a fast recovery.

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Rebound Physical Therapy Bend North

Work Conditioning – Work Readiness Phase

Once beyond the acute phase, an injured worker is prepared for return to work through specific exercise as it relates to their injury and their job duties. This includes strengthening, conditioning, improving mobility and education on body mechanics and injury prevention so they can safely return to work.

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Work Hardening

At Rebound Physical Therapy we are dedicated to assisting the injured worker return to their job safely, with a decreased risk for re-injury. Our work hardening program is a highly structured, goal oriented treatment program that improves work related functional abilities, with a skilled approach of graded exercise, activities, and education.

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Specialized Work Injury Rehabilitation Services can be found in Rebound Physical Therapy’s North Bend Location. More information on their comprehensive services below:

Rebound Physical Therapy Bend North


Bend North Clinic

2700 NE 4th Street, Suite 105
Bend,‎ OR 97701
Phone: (541) 323-5864


Pre-employment Screening Bend

We offer on or off-site pre-employment physical capacity screening and training to help identify and prevent work place injuries. We have a proven track record of substantially lowering work compensation injury claims and their associated costs for the companies we have contracted with. To inquire about these services or to receive references, please contact our North clinic at 541-323-5864.

Rebound Physical Therapy Bend

Ergonomic Assessment Bend

Ergonomics is the science of fitting work to the person. With proper work station ergonomics, employee safety, performance and productivity can be improved. Time loss injuries due to accidents and cumulative trauma can be reduced. All ergonomic assessments and recommendations are based on sound biomechanical principals. To inquire about these services or to receive references, please contact our North clinic at 541-323-5864.


Physical Capacity / Work Evaluations Bend

Physical Capacity Evaluation (PCE) and Work Capacity Evaluation (WCE) are an essential evaluation tool for determining readiness to return to work after injury, performing pre-employment/post-offer screenings, monitoring progress throughout industrial rehabilitation, and performing goal-setting/treatment planning for industrial rehabilitation. Under Oregon Workers’ Compensation, a PCE II is a 2-4 hour test and a WCE is a 4+ hour test. Rebound Physical Therapy Bend uses the Ergo-Science Work Capacity Evaluation System because it provides the most objective, consistent and accurate observation-based testing and offers distinct advantages to intuitive or diagnosis-based decision-making.

  • The Ergo-Science Work Capacity Evaluation is the only work-capacity assessment that has both reliability and validity research which supports the entire test, as well as each individual test item.
  • Ergo-Science Assessment can be used for whole-body focus, or UE focused testing. Cardiovascular parameters can also be assessed.
  • Up to 36 tasks can be assessed including Endurance, Dynamic Strength, Positional Tolerance, and Mobility parameters.
  • Test result reports can be provided in graph or written format. Rehabilitation, workplace recommendations can also be provided upon request. The PCE / WCE report will be completed and sent to the referring provider within 7 days.
  • All testing is done in a safe, environmentally controlled setting.

To schedule a PCE II or WCE please call Rebound Physical Therapy Bend North’s work injury rehab facility at 541-323-5864.

Scott Elms, PT, MSPT, Industrial Rehab Therapist

Scott will be involved in developing Rebound’s return to work and injury prevention services such as pre-employment testing, PCEs, WCEs, work hardening and conditioning and/or ergonomic assessments. Since graduating from American International College in Springfield, Massachusetts with his Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy, Scott has practiced all over the country in a variety of settings; primarily in orthopedics and with a diverse patient population. Among his memorable experiences is working in pediatrics with disabled children in schools and being on the rodeo circuit with Justin Boots’ Sports Medicine Team. Scott has successfully helped businesses establish occupational injury prevention and rehabilitation services, and corporate wellness programs designed to educate their employees on all aspects of workplace safety.

He’s passionate about teaching and empowering his patients with the ability to take care of themselves so they can return to work and the activities they enjoy. Scott enjoys a wide variety of activities including hiking, kayaking, skiing, motorcycling and horseback riding as well as woodworking and leather-working.

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