Lymphedema Management & Oncology Rehabilitation

Rebound Physical Therapy’s Lymphedema Management and Oncology Rehab Program offers a comprehensive plan of care for patients. We provide compassionate, conservative care and are excited for the opportunity to facilitate your rehabilitation. Some of the services we are able to provide our patients under the Lymphema and Oncology programs include:

Rebound Physical Therapy Lymphedema Bend

  • Comprehensive lymphedema management
  • Post-surgical edema reduction
  • Compression garment fitting and ordering
  • Authorized Juzo Dealer
  • Oncology Rehabilitation
  • Coordination with your treatment team during and after your Cancer Care

In house coordination with:

Lympedema Bend

Lymphedema is a persistent swelling of a body part, most often in the extremities. It can also occur in the face, neck, abdomen or genitals. It is a slowly progressive disease. Initially the swelling will go away overnight or with elevation. Over time, the swelling remains despite rest and elevation, requiring treatment to maintain or slow the progression.

  • Removal of lymph nodes
  • Cancer-related treatments such as surgery and radiation
  • Infection
  • Traumatic injury
  • Surgery (including total joint replacements)
  • Venous insufficiency (poor circulation, especially in the legs)
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)
  • Multi-layer Compression Bandaging
  • Compression Garments
  • Lymph Drainage Exercise Program
  • Self Management Training
  • Skin Care
  • Lifetime Management

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is a hands-on massage treatment that stimulates lymphatic flow away from the congested (swollen) area towards uncongested areas in healthier regions of the body to promote drainage. Specialized strokes promote flow and stimulation of the healthy regions of the lymphatic system to reduce edema.

Short stretch bandages maintain a constant level of pressure, preventing refilling of fluid in the affected area after MLD treatment. (During the treatment phase, you will need to have compression on the affected area for 20-23 hours per day.) Your therapist can teach you how to bandage yourself. Once your treatment phase is over, you will wear a compression garment to maintain limb size and prevent the swelling from returning.

During the initial evaluation your Certified Lymphedema Therapist (CLT) will ask you questions about your medical history and current lymphedema symptoms, take measurements of the affected body part(s)and develop a plan of care with you

Each physical therapy session will take about 40-60 minutes and the typical treatment duration is 4-6 weeks. You and your therapist will determine what is appropriate and necessary to successfully reduce your swelling and improve your quality of life. At Rebound Physical Therapy we take into consideration your time, insurance visit limitations, cost and travel when planning a treatment schedule.

Oncology Rehabilitation Bend

Rebound Physical Therapy’s oncology rehabilitation program is utilized to improve your range of motion, strength, endurance and function before, during and after your surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Participating in rehabilitation during these times can help lessen the side effects of cancer treatments and improve your recovery.

Physical therapy before, during and after your cancer treatments address:

  • Post-surgical rehabilitation
  • Cancer Related Fatigue (CRF)
  • Chemo-induced Peripheral Neuropathy (CIPN)
  • Strength training
  • Cardiovascular Fitness
  • Endurance Training

At Rebound Physical Therapy Bend our goal is to help you return back to your normal activities, such as work, exercise and hobbies, as quickly and safely as possible. Each patient is different and unique therefore each treatment plan is individualized based on diagnosis, cancer treatments and desired goals. We work with YOU to develop treatment strategies to reach YOUR desired goals.

Melissa CMelissa Carlton PT, CLT, CES, CSCS, Program Lead / Senior Therapist for Lymphedema & Oncology Rehab Program

Prior to moving to Bend, Melissa resided in Southern California where she gained extensive PT experience in outpatient orthopedics and treating patients of all ages and levels of athletic abilities, including professional and collegiate athletes. During her time in Southern CA, Melissa also successfully started-up a clinic and served as its Director; she oversaw the administrative and operational functions of the clinic and attained ample experience as a clinic instructor.

Melissa graduated with her degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Hartford. Following graduation, she received her Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Certification (CSCS). She then became a certified lymphedema therapist (CLT) through the Norton School of Lymphatic Therapy. Melissa has a special place in her heart for working with patients that have lymphedema and/or are living with and recovering from cancer treatments.

A native of New Hampshire, Melissa loves introducing her two young children to snow and winter sports, especially skiing and snowboarding. Being a former marathon runner and coach for novice runners, Melissa hopes to get back to running long distances. She and her husband enjoy hiking, canoeing, kayaking and spending time with their children and two dogs.

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